About us

La Sociale K is a factory of live performances, scenographies and artistic and cultural experiences created by Julia Figuière, Julien Posada, Florent Blondeau & Jean Christophe Caumes; who after years of artistic collaboration and miles of road travelled together decided to found La Sociale K to carry their dreams and their common projects.

La Sociale K puts engineering at the service of the artistic.

Four years ago, a crazy idea was born: the desire to design a new object that would respond to our artistic desires while offering us the possibility of renewing our practice of thread. We therefore imagined, designed and built a structure called "Nyctinastia" which today serves as the stage design for the show In Bìlico; inviting us to imagine new spaces, new constraints and allowing us to get out of the linear character of the thread by developing the dimension of circularity and collective.

La Sociale K; a company united around a common passion: thread.

We develop a specific writing of the work in trio on the wire(s) in an acrobatic and dance research, using our corporalities and our different approaches of the discipline.

In our creations, we invite the public to project themselves into a poetic reading of situations highlighted on the thread, echoing fragility, the ephemeral and precious side of life and highlighting the notion of the present moment. We use the thread to tell the human story, to highlight the beauty of fragility.

We explore the place of the sensitive body and the reflex body, the fragility of the gesture, listening and the relationship with the other, the capacity to adapt, the need to anchor oneself in the face of the desire to rise, the search for the essential, the tension just before the breaking point, the absurdity of our condition...

Artistic creation / Production of shows / Organisation of training courses and wire workshops / Artistic and cultural education projects / Exchanges and experiments around balance workshops.

Creating together

"Stand up to see further and accept the imbalance forward

Florent Blondeau

"The thread is my domain, my space of freedom, my little haven of the present.

Julien Posada

"It is from imbalance that dance is born. Going beyond the precariousness of balance on a wire to play with it, to enjoy it, to take pleasure in putting oneself in danger, to feel alive.

Julia Figuière