Cultural actions

We have been performing in various companies for many years. We have always devoted time to passing on and teaching our art and we attach great importance to this aspect of our profession; to meeting with the public and sharing knowledge.

To take our know-how beyond artistic practice.

When we created the company, we wanted to be able to carry out cultural actions with a social and/or educational aim, in parallel with our artistic creation and live performance production projects. The balancing workshops are part of the core activity of the company, and they are available in a multitude of forms and for all types of audiences.

We work on the notion of balance in its entirety; the exercises proposed in the workshops are varied and based on different media and techniques devised by the artistic and educational team set up for this purpose.

Our project is based on the professional experience of the various people we work with: a psychomotricity graduate with experience in transmission; a physiotherapist/osteopath with anatomical knowledge and specific knowledge of the exercises to be tackled according to the target audience, a circus artist, etc. We have put together a competent and qualified team to carry out this project on an artistic, social and human level.


Together to discover balance


Each workshop is adapted to the audience concerned.
1- Continuous work, series of 1h30 workshops, over several sessions.
2- Workshops in the form of a 3-hour workshop, offered in a single session.
3- Workshops for professionals or students in circus training.


Balance is our area of focus.


Educational workshops on the notion of balance

A look back at the project "Le Fil de la vie, inter-generational balance workshop" in partnership with Archaos. During the 2019/2020 season, we worked with a group of elderly people and a group of children aged 11/13 placed in a MECS (social education centre). This intergenerational project allowed us to share and transmit our art, to bring together different audiences and create social links, to meet people around a notion that touches us all: balance, by confronting our imbalances to find a common balance, a better life together.