The founders


Julia Figuiere

She danced for 12 years with Josette Baïz and took classes at the Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique in Avignon. She discovered the circus at Balthazar and continued her training at the ENACR where she specialised in tightrope walking; she continued her training at the ESAC from which she graduated in 2010. She created the Gondwana Company (Circus and music for young audiences). She joined the company Les Colporteurs and created the show Evohé.


Julien Posada

He entered the Annie Fratellini Circus School at the age of 6 and stayed there for 12 years to train with Manolo dos Santos on the wire. He then toured under various big tops and in several cabarets (Cirque Knie, Cirque du Soleil, Cirque D'hiver, Cirque Romanes). He joined the company Les Colporteurs for the creation of the shows Le fil sous la neige and Evohé.


Florent Blondeau

After his training at the CNAC, Florent joined the company Les Colporteurs to participate in the creation and touring of the show "Le fil sous la neige", and then he also worked with the company AOC on various projects. The thread led him to explore various forms of artistic expression such as circus, dance, cabaret and cinema. Florent always keeps his dream in mind: to evolve on his wire like others on earth...


Jean-Christophe Caumes

As a general manager, he ensures the smooth technical running of the company and is in charge of the lighting, the design and construction of the structure, and the scenography. Since 2006, he has contributed to many technical and artistic projects: Cie Le Pied sur la Tête, Cie La Manivelle, Footsbarn Travelling Théâtre, Les 26000 Couverts, La Fabrique Des Petites Utopies, Les Colporteurs, L'Ogrétoilé, Atelier Technique Scène, 2R2C, HMMH.


Laure Bonnefond

Administrator, she was initially trained in circus (with the wire) and quickly deviated towards the administration and production of cultural projects. She moved to Marseille in 2009 where she has worked for creation and distribution venues, companies and festivals of dance, circus and street arts. For the past 3 years, she has completed her training in technical skills to work as a lighting and stage technician.

The staff


Marie Le Corre

She began performing at the age of 16 at the Circus School of Châtellerault before continuing her circus studies at the Circus School of Quebec, from which she graduated in 2014. After three years of performing in North America, she moved back to Europe and joined the team of Cirque Électrique in France, as well as the Franco-German company Cirque Bouffon. Since the end of 2020 she has been writing and directing her first circus-theatre project.


Artist Profile

Helen Early

Born 1986, Perth, Western Australia


Mathieu Rouquette

He discovered the circus at the age of 6 and along the way became a professional in trapeze and hand-to-hand lifting through the major French schools. Passionate about the circus and DIY, he continued his career in show management as a stage manager for companies and festivals, and worked at Archaos, Pôle National Cirque.


Morgan Romagny

From puppetry to the new circus, from dance to theatre, his creative side leads him to collaborate with the Dromesko theatre, "Grande" by Vimala Pons and Tsirihaka Harrivel, "le Goret" by Johanny Bert, the Cirque Électrique, "Sécurilife" by the Belle Meunière company... He works intermittently as a lighting director for the MC2 in Grenoble, the Montfort theatre, the Grande Halle de la Villette, the Renaissance theatre, the Croix Rouss theatre .He gave birth to "Rural Brutal", a musical project of a one-man band, a cocktail of vintage instruments and contemporary electro sounds. He released his first album "Le Dernier Coup" in 2016. He trained as a stage manager to take over a big top on his own and launched the project "Le Trimardeur", a travelling club combining electronic music and old-time ballroom.


Antonin Leymarie

As a musician, he is the initiator of several groups such as Le Marin, Surnatural Orchestra, Imperial 4 tet, Le Magnetic Ensemble. He has co-written the music and taken part in several shows by Joël Pommerat - Louis Brouillard and Les Colporteurs companies. He is a multi-faceted artist. He is constantly evolving his drumming, developing machines on the drums that take him into a world of electro.


Julien Lambert

A circus artist, he trained at the CNAC in hand to hand and tightrope. In 2000, he joined Archaos and became interested in the relationship between acrobatics and theatre. He joined the Italian director Barberio Corsetti, with whom he undertook some fifteen creations: circus, theatre and opera, as an acrobat, physical actor and mime. He then worked with various dance, theatre and circus companies (No Gravity Danse, Underclouds, les Colporteurs...)


Dalila Cortes

Choreographer. Trained in contemporary dance at the CNSM in Paris, she then moved to Mexico City to work with the Ballet Teatro del Espacio for two years. She also went to Brazil where she practiced traditional dances, participated in the performance "Jogo coreografico" at the Rio choreographic centre, and taught contemporary dance in the favélas of Vigario Geral and Parada de Lucas. Back in Paris, she obtained her state diploma in contemporary dance and worked as a performer with the companies Arthur Harel (LA horde), Massala, François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea. She has carried out numerous cultural activities in schools, IMEs, museums, and at the Fresnes prison. Choreographers such as (LA)Horde, Kubilai Khan Investigations, Shonen, Léo Lerus and Blanca Li, occasionally hire her for performances and fashion shows. She is currently a performer and artistic collaborator with the companies Koracorps, Kivuko, Ridz, and Shönen.


Éric Noël

Trained in the spirit of intervention and street theatre, in the manipulation of various materials and the use of tools at Ilotopie thirty years ago, Eric Noël quickly became a builder and then a designer of structures for numerous circus and street theatre companies. He worked for Groupe F for 10 years as a director and designer of shows, and now works in partnership on innovative stage design projects.


Alix Veillon

Lighting design. It started with flash and smoke on concerts, before joining the lighting department of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre (ENSATT) in 2011 to discover the world of theatre. Not having completely hung up on the stroboscope and the pogos, she takes pleasure in moving from one field to the other, mixing them in lighting creations and exchanging different lighting techniques. This richness of practice is found within the contemporary circus, collaborating in particular with the Petit Travers collective (Dans les plis du paysage, Nos chemins, Encore la vie...) or the Tactus Ensemble (Reset)...


Solènne Capmas

Passionate about Circus in all its forms, Solenne is specialised in movement costumes. Her approach is to take into account the technical constraints and the comfort of the artist according to his practice and to adapt it to all aesthetics, all dramaturgy. She has created various costumes for the Académie Fratéllini, Cirko Vertigo as well as Zanzibar, Vost, Cubitus du Manchot, Rasposo, Les Philébulistes, les Gruss, le Collectif de la Bascule, le Piglet Circus,... She won the first prize for the best costume in the history of the World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow for the tightrope walker Tatiana Mosio Bongonga and was exhibited at the Centre National du Costume de Scène as part of the exhibition "En Piste! the most beautiful circus costumes".

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